Balancing active and passive collaboration in today’s workspace

How to nurture meaningful partnerships and workflows for the greater good.

4 communication best practices agencies must employ early in Q4

Establish proactive communication with your agency clients this Q4. Follow these tips to get better alignment on marketing goals and KPIs.

A look inside TikTok’s new automated Smart Performance Campaigns

The new campaign type was announced today to help advertisers connect with the right audiences, drive growth, and deliver value.

3 new Google reporting columns for conversions

The new columns are available on the Campaigns page for tables and charts, as well as in custom reporting pages like the Report Editor or Custom dashboards.

Webinar: Use a golden record of data to enhance customer experiences

Learn how to deliver highly-personalized experiences with quality data.

The B2B Social Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV

Use the skills you already have to set up and succeed on the TV screen.

Meta to sell Giphy, by order of UK competition watchdog

There is no word on when the sale will take effect, but Meta has agreed to sell the library in its entirety.

Meta rolls out Branded Content on Reels

Creators that comply with Meta's partner monetization policies will have access to create Branded Content in organic Reels.

Early trials show that Google FLEDGE is flopping

In the first four months of testing, only five ad-tech companies have expressed interest in the new tech.

Meta implements ad restrictions in US for social issues, elections, and politics

The restriction period was also implemented in 2020 for the week leading up to General Election Day.

Google Ad match types are not going away

Some advertisers panicked, understandably, after a new match types beta test went live.

How PMC launched its CDP strategy

The media company tackled a future of third-party cookie loss with a first-party data strategy.

The case of the stealth Google-bomb

Can keywords in a redirected domain name cause a page to rank for them? There's reason to believe this theory is valid. Learn more here.

3 new YouTube streaming, shopping, and audio features

Audio, shopping, and prime positioning during key moments are new ways YouTube is trying to give advertisers more targeting options.

3 new TikTok LIVE features, updates, and policies

The new features will hopefully make the LIVE feature a safer place for creators, brands, and users.

TikTok has a new Focused View campaign objective

Focused View is the new evolution of the current video view objective on TikTok where the platform optimizes for users watching at least 6 seconds or more.

The Pinterest Trends Tool is expanding with a new API for Conversions

The announcement also includes three new Trends Tool features including filters and widgets.

7 tips to turn Google’s Search Essentials into strategy

Building an SEO strategy around the Search Essentials documentation gives you the best chance to boost your clients' Google performance.

Search Engine Land Awards 2022: And the winners are…

Here are all the individuals, agencies and in-house teams who have earned Search Engine Land awards for excellence in SEO in PPC in 2022.

Connect with your buyers where they are

Learn why precision demand marketing is the path to a predictable pipeline.

What is a content audit?

Here's what you need to know about content audits, why and when to do one, and tips and tools for getting started.

Google rolling out site names and updated favicon logos in search results

Make sure to check out the new site name structured data documentation.

Google Ads label is now a bold black text Sponsored label

Google said this it to make the ad label more distinguishable from the organic search results.

Google Ads to discontinue content targeting for YouTube conversion campaigns in 2023

A help doc reveals that all content targeting settings will be automatically removed from video campaigns that drive conversions.

The Comoto Family of Brands accelerates omnichannel marketing with first-party data

Comoto’s director of omnichannel and e-commerce explains how the retailer is unlocking its marketing potential with first-party data.

4 advanced ways you’re not measuring SEO effectiveness – yet

Measure SEO impact beyond basic traffic and keyword ranking. Learn how your efforts are driving actual business outcomes with these metrics. 

Webinar: How AI unlocks value from your single source of data truth

Learn how B2C and B2B clients deploy AI to improve customer experiences and achieve greater return on marketing spend.

Revenue optimization: 3 ways to get your advertising efforts right

Any metric outside of revenue is a vanity metric to leadership. Learn how to optimize for what drives pipeline and revenue in advertising.

Google replaces its Webmaster Guidelines with Google Search Essentials

Google has done a full refresh of its old Webmaster Guidelines, simplifying them and removing the term "webmaster."

5 ways you’re hurting account performance when it comes to RSAs

Automation layering helps improve advertiser control and boost performance for new ad engine innovations like RSAs.

Search Engine Land Awards 2022: Complete finalists list

We're excited to announce the nominations for this year's Search Engine Land Awards. And our first two winners!

Google launches new content suitability center in Google Ads

This update should improve efficiency, reduce errors and help advertisers going forward.

Webinar: Deliver highly-personalized experiences with quality data

Tune in for ‘golden record’ use cases to drive consumer engagement and ROI.

Google adds more example categories of sites that may be impacted by the product reviews update

Three new examples were added to the how to write product reviews Google help document.

4 SEO Tweaks to Transform Q4 Sales

Adapt to recent Google updates while maximizing brand visibility, traffic and sales potential in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Google Data Studio now known as Looker Studio

Looker Studio Pro, a paid version, has also been announced.

Your guide to Google Analytics 4 attribution

Understand how attribution in GA4 works vs. Universal Analytics and what the differences mean for conversion tracking.

Alexa users claim Amazon is using voice recordings to target ads

Alexa users have been speculating for many years that Amazon has been using their private conversation data for ad targeting.

Facebook has rolled out a new Pages experience

Facebook pages are here to stay. Businesses should take advantage of all they have to offer by making the most out of the new layout experience.

3 new Google travel and tour booking features

Three new features for comparing prices, booking additional attractions, and editing prices are now available to attraction and tour operators.


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TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit

Content API for Shopping and Google Ads API updated for country targeting

New Google issue may affect ad serving

Why sales needs SEO more than ever

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More Google Ad incidents and issues

TikTok will start banning political campaign fundraising

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Facebook introduces Collaborative Ads for local delivery

Walmart is now selling ads on TikTok, Roku, and Snap

Google’s September 2022 core update hit fast but was less significant than previous updates

Google Display & Video 360 API v2 beta launched

Webinar: CDP must-haves for your budget