This Android phone charges from 0 to 100% in under 10 minutes — and you can’t have it

The charging benchmarks set by Android phones are quite astounding — with some phones being able to charge at 200 watts. If that wasn’t enough, a new Android phone takes it up a notch. Xiaomi’s newly launched smartphone, the Redmi ...

Apple Watch SE 2 vs. Apple Watch SE

Design and display Performance, battery life, and charging Fitness and health-tracking features Software and updates Special features Price and availability Overall winner: Apple Watch SE 2 After two years of waiting, Apple has refreshed its most affordable smartwatch, releasing ...

One UI 5.0 feature focus: Turn your Samsung TV into a smart alarm clock

Make your Samsung smart TV turn on as you wake up using One UI 5.0 Mixing Modes and SmartThings Scenes to turn your Samsung TV into an alarm clock One of the new features Samsung has added to the ...

iPhones, iPads Helped United Airlines Avoid 13 Million Minutes of Delays, Apple Says

The devices helped streamline boarding, service and maintenance.

A Lot of People Are Anxious About Apple's iPhone 14 Sales. Here's Why

Sales at Apple may tell us a lot about consumer spending at a time when tech stocks, and the larger economy, seem to be spiraling out of control.

Finally, a USB-C iPhone is Coming

The company will comply with the European Union's new rule for universal USB-C battery charging, likely ditching its decade-old Lightning cable.

Samsung is readying the Galaxy M23 5G, Galaxy A04, and A04e for India

At least three new budget phones are coming to India, Samsung indirectly confirmed through its support pages. The Galaxy M23 5G, the Galaxy A04, and the Galaxy A04e are now officially headed India, albeit pricing and availability details remain ...

Daily Deal: Save 18% when you buy the Samsung Dual Car Charger

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel during your daily commute, chances are you’ve found yourself getting anxious about running out of juice in your phone while stuck in traffic. You’d be surprised how many modern ...

Almost a dozen more Good Lock modules now support One UI 5.0

Last week, Samsung brought One UI 5.0 support to its Good Lock experimental platform and updated two modules, namely QuickStar and NotiStar. The company promised that more Good Lock modules should receive support for One UI 5.0 gradually, and ...

Galaxy S23 Ultra could bring biggest camera improvement in five years

Now that Samsung has released all its high-end phones for 2022, the focus has switched to the Galaxy S23 series, the company’s next-generation high-end smartphone lineup. All three phones in the series are expected to bring iterative upgrades rather ...

Apple iPad (2022) review: easy to love, tricky to recommend

Apple iPad (2022) design iPad (2022) screen iPad (2022) performance and software iPad (2022) battery life iPad (2022) cameras iPad (2022) Apple Pencil iPad (2022) Magic Keyboard Folio Apple iPad (2022) price and availability The iPad (2022) is weird ...

Shop Huge 1-Day Discounts On a Selection of Refurb Samsung Smartphones

Save a few hundred on one of Samsung's latest and greatest phones, or grab a budget-friendly model starting at less than $100.

Get a taste of Samsung’s W23 foldable phone with these wallpapers

Samsung released a couple of new foldable phones in China last week. “New,” in the sense that the W23 series consists of reskinned and rebranded versions of the existing Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, with ...

Galaxy Z Fold 3 gets third One UI 5.0 beta update in India

After beta-testing One UI 5.0 for months on the Galaxy S22, Samsung quickly opened the One UI 5.0 beta program for various high-end and some mid-range phones. Two weeks ago, the company released the One UI 5.0 beta update, ...

How to get Android earthquake alerts (Google ShakeAlert, MyShake, and more)

What You Need How to get Google ShakeAlert How to use MyShake app How to use the Earthquake Alert! app On Tuesday, several Android owners in the San Francisco Bay Area got an early warning notification before the 5.1-magnitude ...

One UI 5.0 brings Unicode 15 emojis before Google, Apple, all other OEMs

With the recent release of the One UI 5.0 update for the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has become the first — and for now, the only — smartphone manufacturer to offer support for Unicode 15 emojis. This is but ...

Apple’s rumored 16-inch iPad sounds like an oversized mistake

A 16-inch tablet is an ergonomic nightmare Big screen, limited appeal This would just complicate an already messy iPad lineup When it comes to tech, it seems that the rumor mill never stops turning, and this is especially true ...

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, A22, and A03s got spotted running Android 13

Samsung is now testing Android 13 for a handful of low-cost Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet, the Galaxy A22 5G, and the Galaxy A03s. These three devices are now listed in the Wi-Fi Alliance database ...

What Google needs to do to make the Pixel Watch 2 worth buying

Have two sizes Create a special version Compete on fitness features Get rid of the bezel Make the battery last longer Google’s work is cut out for it The Google Pixel Watch is a missed opportunity, and while there’s ...

Forget USB-C. An iPhone With No Charging Port Isn't That Absurd

Commentary: The Lightning port's days are numbered, and the iPhone has become less reliant on physical cables. A wireless iPhone starts to make sense.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 gets third One UI 5.0 beta update

Earlier this week, Samsung released the stable Android 13 update to the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Two weeks ago, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 received the One UI 5.0 ...

Galaxy Note 20 series gets second One UI 5.0 Beta update in Korea

Last week, Samsung released the first One UI 5.0 beta update to the Galaxy Note 20 series in South Korea. Today, the company released the second One UI 5.0 beta update to the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy ...

Every app and website that works with Passkeys on your iPhone/iPad

What are Passkeys? Apps and websites that support Passkeys Cybersecurity is always a top priority for Apple. When it released iOS 16 in September 2022 and iPadOS 16 the following month, it was no surprise that they included one ...

Four Samsung employees charged with semiconductor tech theft

It is reported that four current and former Samsung employees have been charged with theft of proprietary semiconductor technology. These employees reportedly stole highly valued semiconductor chip technology from Samsung and leaked them to an overseas firm. The Seoul Central ...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs. Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs. Galaxy Z Fold 2: What's Changed Over The Years

We let the specs do the talking. Here's how the Galaxy Z Fold 4 stacks up against the Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 2.

Galaxy S22 earned more money for Samsung than Galaxy S21 did last year

Earlier today, Samsung announced its earnings for Q3 2022 and appointed Lee Jae-yong as its Executive Chairman. During its earnings announcement, the company revealed that its smartphone division did well in terms of business. Amid the slump in the ...

Samsung’s quarterly profit declined in Q3 2022, first time in three years

Samsung’s profit drop was mainly due to the weak semiconductor memory chip market Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy S sales rose in Q3 2022 After choosing Lee Jae-yong as its Executive Chairman, Samsung Electronics ...

Lee Jae-yong becomes Executive Chairman of Samsung Electronics

Samsung has just announced that Lee Jae-yong has been appointed as Samsung Electronics’ Executive Chairman. The board approved the appointment after the recommendation by current board chairman Kim Han-jo. The post had been vacant for the past two years ...

How to disable Samsung RAM Plus and reclaim your Galaxy phone’s storage

Samsung introduced a virtual memory feature called RAM Plus with the Galaxy S21 series in early 2021, and then brought it over to many other flagships and mid-range Galaxy devices. RAM Plus uses part of your device’s internal storage ...

Samsung Names Jay Y. Lee as Executive Chairman

Appointment comes a little more than two months after Lee was granted a presidential pardon for bribery, perjury and embezzlement.

Google Pixel 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22

Design, display, and durability Performance, battery life, and charging Software and updates Special features Price and availability Overall winner: Samsung Galaxy S22 In the market for a new phone but struggling to choose between Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and the ...

Google rolls out enhanced search features to apps like Gmail and Chat

While Gmail already offers different features for an enhanced search experience, Google is pushing some more improved search-related features for Gmail and Google Chat. Since there is always scope for improvements, these new search-related additions will make searching queries ...

An important thing to know about OG Galaxy Fold software updates!

Samsung’s foldable phones have not been on the market for long. It was only three years ago when Samsung launched its first commercial foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. The launch of the Galaxy Fold was not a smooth one ...

Apple may be working on a supersized iPad for 2023

Rumors have been making the internet rounds that Apple is making an iPad bigger than we’ve ever seen. Now, one report claims that we might be getting a 16-inch version of the tablet soon — like, 2023 soon. According to ...

The MSI Titan GT77, A Fully Overclockable Mobile Workstation

A Huge Amount Of Power In A 3.3kg Package (7.3lbs) The MSI Titan GT77 is  well named, as it contains a 16GB RTX 3080Ti laptop GPU, DDR5-4800 dual channel and an Intel Core i9-12900HX, the HX series which lets ...

Pokémon GO’s Season of Light’s Halloween 2022 Event Part II event guide

Pokémon GO’s Season of Light – Halloween 2022 Event Part II Pokémon debuts – Halloween 2022 Costumed Vulpix, Ninetails, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, and Gourgeist Event Bonuses Event Boxes Wild Encounters Field Research Tasks Timed Research – Yamask and Halloween Yamask ...

iOS 16.1 Is Out Now. How to Download the Latest iPhone Update

New features include Live Activities and iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Nothing's $99 Ear Stick Earbuds Are the Latest AirPods 3 Alternative

Following up on last year's Nothing One buds, which feature active noise canceling, the Nothing Ear Stick has an open design with no silicon ear tips.

One UI 5.0 feature focus: Lock screen video wallpapers

One UI 5.0 is finally here, and as you may have heard by now, the latest update brings new and refreshed lock screen customization options. We took an in-depth look at the latest lock screen menu in One UI ...

Nothing's $99 Air Stick Earbuds Are the Latest AirPods 3 Alternative

Following up on last year's Nothing One buds, which feature active noise canceling, the Nothing Air Sticks have an open design with no silicon ear tips.


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