Early Black Friday Deal Knocks $350 Off Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4

This Windows laptop is user-friendly with some pretty impressive specs, and today only you can pick it up for $850

Is it okay to plug in the laptop charger continuously? Tips for using a laptop effectively

1. Why do you often plug in the charger continuously when using the laptop? 2. Is it okay to plug in the laptop charger continuously? 3. How to charge the battery effectively? Is it okay to plug in the ...

Summary of 5+ ways to fix laptop not connecting to wifi effectively

1. The reason why the laptop cannot catch Wifi 2. How to fix laptop not connecting to wifi 2.1. Check if the wifi function is on or not 2.2. Fix laptop not connecting to wifi: Restart the computer 2.3. ...

Instructions for 2 ways to adjust the full screen of the laptop simply and quickly

1. The reason why the laptop screen shrinks 2. Instructions on how to fully adjust the laptop screen 2.1. Adjust full screen with Intel Graphics 2.2. How to adjust the full screen of the laptop with Regedit How to ...

Instructions for using effective laptop battery reset software

1. What is a laptop battery reset? 2. Why need to reset the computer battery? 3. When to reset laptop battery? 4. The fastest and simplest way to use the laptop battery reset software 4.1. How to turn off ...

Summary of 5 effective ways to fix abnormally hot laptop

1. The reason why the laptop is abnormally hot 2. How to fix unusually hot laptop situation 2.1. Clean the heatsink 2.2. Fix abnormally hot laptop by cleaning dusti 2.3. Check the battery 2.4. Reduce CPU load 2.5. Using ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Review

The plain bagel of ultrabook laptops.

This Wicked-Fast 17-Inch Gaming Laptop Can Be Yours for Under $2K

When it comes to gaming PCs and laptops, several leading names kind to mind. Among them are Dell’s gaming division, Alienware. Through this Thursday, you can pick up one of Alienware’s finest m17 R5 Dark Side of the Moon ...

Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro are Now Widely Available

Both the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 are now widely available with Microsoft now shipping pre-orders.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 review: running to stand still

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 specs Staying the course Lots of missed opportunities Just not enough Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 MSRP $999.00 Score Details “The Surface Laptop 5 doesn't do enough to move the ball forward, and even loses ground ...

This Alienware gaming laptop just got a massive price cut

The gaming laptops that are worth buying usually don’t come cheap, but through a clearance sale from Dell, you’ll only have to pay $1,500 for the Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 gaming laptop instead of its original price of ...

Causes and ways to fix the laptop does not recognize the USB mouse

1. The reason why the laptop does not recognize the wireless mouse 2. How to fix laptop that won’t recognize USB mouse 2.1. Check the USB port 2.2. Fix laptop that does not recognize USB mouse due to software ...

New M2 MacBook Pro laptops to feature an exciting new RAM upgrade

The launch of Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models seems imminent at this point, with recent reports indicating Apple might upgrade the new machines in the very near future. Apple has already launched an M2 MacBook ...

Causes and effective ways to fix laptop screen with black dots

1. The reason why the laptop has black dots on the screen 2. How to fix laptop screen with black dots? Laptop screen with black dots is one of the unexpected damage you may encounter during use. Then what ...

ASUS Launches Zenbook 17 Fold OLED Laptop: Pre-Orders Open for $3,499.99

ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED Laptop Drops with a 2560 x 1920 OLED Touchscreen for Its Main Display The Purchase Comes with an Included Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad Users can Turn the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED Into a Traditional-Style ...

Summary of 4 simple and effective ways to turn off the laptop keyboard

1. Why disable laptop keyboard? 2. Top 4 ways to turn off the laptop keyboard simply and quickly 2.1. Turn off laptop keyboard by using key combination 2.2. How to turn off laptop keyboard with Device Manager 2.3. Turn ...

These are the most common ways people break their laptops

Despite devices such as laptops and smartphones being vital lifelines to our daily happenings, we can be fairly reckless about how we treat these fragile products. The Secure Data Recovery service recently did a survey of 2,200 Americans across several ...

This HP Gaming Laptop Is Just $480 Right Now

If you don't mind running a GTX 1650, there's a lot to love about this affordable laptop.

5 important factors to consider when choosing to buy a laptop

3. Hard drive 4. Graphics card To choose to buy a laptop that suits your needs, there are many factors you need to consider and pay attention to. In which, it is impossible not to mention information about RAM, ...

Microsoft’s Windows Dev Kit 2023 lets developers tap AI processors on laptops

At its Build conference in May, Microsoft debuted Project Volterra, a device powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform designed to let developers explore “AI scenarios” via Qualcomm’s Neural Processing SDK for Windows toolkit. Today, Volterra — now called Windows Dev Kit ...

Best Buy's 'Upgrade+' Program Lets Customers Get a New Mac Laptop Every Three Years With Monthly Financing

Best Buy today announced a new financing and upgrade program called “Upgrade+.” The program involves a combination of interest-free financing through Citizens Pay and an option to upgrade to a new Mac laptop after three years. As an example, Best ...

The M2 MacBook Air Is the Ultimate Laptop Gift

With a new camera, new colors and a bigger screen, the MacBook Air remains one of the most universally useful laptops you can get.

Did You Know That Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' Has Power to Crash Some Laptops?

Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” Power to Crash Laptops How Did Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” Crash some old Laptops’ Hard Drives? Scream Disrupts Hard Drives Human eardrums may withstand our music tastes, but devices suffer in silence without us knowing ...

Perfect for work, this Dell laptop is $1,200 off (seriously)

Dell laptop deals pop up regularly but how often do you see a deal that will save you $1,200 off the usual price? Not often. If you’re looking for a great system for working from home while still being ...

Get this Lenovo laptop for $100 in Best Buy’s Black Friday prices sale

Laptop deals simply don’t get cheaper than the Lenovo laptop deal we’ve spotted as part of Best Buy’s Black Friday prices sale. Right now, you can buy a Lenovo IdeaPad 1i laptop for only $99. Normally priced at $250, ...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-glare screens on laptops?

1. What is an anti-glare screen? 2. Advantages of anti-glare screens on laptops 3. Disadvantages of anti-glare screens When learning about laptops, you must have heard a lot about Anti Glare anti-glare screens. So what is anti-glare screen? What ...

Flipkart Customer Orders a Laptop, But Receives E-Waste and Stone Instead

Outdated Computer Components Instead of Laptop  Flipkart Scam Flipkart Investigates the Scam A Flipkart customer ordered a gaming laptop during Flipkart’s Big Diwali sale. However, what he bought online is not what has arrived at his home. Apparently, he ...

Ways to broadcast wifi from laptops, computers without software

1. Why do you need to broadcast wifi with laptop? 2. Instructions on how to broadcast wifi with Windows 7 laptop 3. How to play wifi from laptop windows 8 and windows 8.1 4. How to play wifi from ...

The hottest laptop camera software today

1. What is laptop camera software? How is the effect? 2. Top most commonly used laptop camera software today 2.1. ManyCam laptop camera software 2.2. YouCam laptop camera software 9 2.3. Logitech Webcam Software 2.4. Software to use SplitCam ...

HP Envy x360 13 (2022) review: an incredible laptop value

Price and configurations A quality laptop you’ll love at a price you can appreciate It’s not all perfect, though Excellent opticals, OK audio An outstanding Windows 2-in-1 choice HP Envy x360 13 MSRP $1,200.00 Score Details DT Editors' Choice ...

Instructions on how to properly clean laptop keyboards

1. Why is it necessary to clean laptop and computer keyboards regularly? 2. Instructions for cleaning laptop and computer keyboards (with laptop keyboards, with separate keyboards) 2.1. Instructions for cleaning laptop keyboards 2.2. Instructions for cleaning computer keyboards 3. ...

Share laptop and computer screen color correction software

1. Things to keep in mind before aligning the monitor 2. Color alignment parameters on laptop and computer screens should know 3. Software for color correction of laptop and computer screens currently in use 3.1. QuickGamma laptop screen color ...

Introducing 3 easiest ways to connect bluetooth speakers to laptops

1. How to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop 1.1. How to connect laptop to Windows 7 bluetooth speaker 1.2. How to connect laptop bluetooth to Windows 10 bluetooth speaker 1.3. How to connect bluetooth speaker to MacBook 2. Notes ...

Instructions on how to install wifi for Windows 7, 8, 10 laptops

1. How to get stronger wifi signal for laptop with keyboard shortcuts 2. How to set wifi for laptop with settings 2.1. How to turn on / off wifi using settings for computers using Windows 7, 8 2.2. How ...

How to take a screenshot of a Dell laptop is simple, easy and fast

1. Take screenshots of Dell laptops with quick keyboard shortcuts 2. How to take a screenshot of a Dell laptop and save it directly 3. Instructions for taking screenshots of Dell laptops using the Spinning Tool 4. Screen capture ...

Instructions to clean the laptop screen properly

1. Why should you clean the laptop screen? 2. Clean, wipe the laptop screen with what? 2.1. Using a synthetic microfiber towel (for dust): 2.2 Use a specialized cleaning solution 2.3. Use a damp sponge 3. Note when cleaning ...

4+ How to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone you should know

1. How to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone using iTunes 2. How to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone without iTunes 3. How to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone via iCloud 4. How to transfer photos from ...

Share how to turn on wifi on Asus laptop for newbies

1. Why is it important to know how to turn on wifi on Asus laptops? 2. Summary of how to turn on wifi on Asus laptops 2.1. Use keyboard shortcuts 2.2. Open wifi on Asus Windows 7 2.3. How ...

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Mobile lineup leaks out, RTX 4090 coming to laptops

NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobile to feature RTX 4090 GPU AMD Radeon RX 7000 series NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobile to feature RTX 4090 GPU Finally, an update on NVIDIA RTX 40 mobile GPUs. NVIDIA may be further departing from its ...

Instructions on how to use USB bluetooth for laptops

1. How to use USB bluetooth for laptop 2. Some notes on how to use USB bluetooth for laptops How to use USB bluetooth for laptop how? Is it difficult for people who are not tech-savvy? What should be ...


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