Over-dependence on fossil fuels risks the health of current and future generations

fossil fuels Fossil fuels continue to be prioritised over clean energy solutions by governments and companies to the detriment of health, finds the latest Lancet Countdown report led by UCL researchers. The 2022 Report of the Lancet Countdown on ...

General Motors: Clean Energy for US Facilities by 2025—Program Accelerated to Avoid Carbon Emissions

GM Clean Energy US Facilities by 2025 GM to Save 1M Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions GM and its Pledge to Clean Energy GM is all about clean energy, and its present pledge to power its US facilities with ...

GenZero’s Frederick Teo on “limitless” opportunities in climate tech

2050 is an important year for climate tech, with the Paris Agreement calling for emissions to reach net zero by then. In a conversation with GenZero’s Frederick Teo for SOSV’s Climate Tech Summit, we talked about realistic paths to ...

The government hopes private investors will help save nature. Here’s how its scheme could fail

What sort of market? Three reasons to rule out offsets A better way forward This week’s federal budget reiterated the government’s plan to establish a new scheme for encouraging private investment in conservation, called a biodiversity market (now, rebranded ...

Out of bounds: how much does greenwashing cost fossil-fuel sponsors of Australian sport?

Why does this matter for sport? Which sports are favoured? What can sports do? High-profile Australian athletes and supporters across sports such as cricket, netball and Australian Rules football have recently called for their sports to reconsider their partnerships ...

Beyond a state of sandbagging: what can we learn from all the floods, here and overseas?

Work with nature, not against it What can communities do? And then there’s relocation Draw on all available knowledge “We are […] sandbagging the state”, New South Wales Emergency Services Minister Steph Cooke declared on Saturday. And so we ...

Playing sea soundscapes can summon thousands of baby oysters – and help regrow oyster reefs

Why can’t these reefs return naturally? Hang on, oysters can hear? The reefs are alive with the sound of music Imagine you’re in a food court and spoilt for choice. How will you choose where to eat? It might ...

New tool can help with coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain As America’s largest investment to fight climate change, the Inflation Reduction Act positions the country to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. But as it edges ...

Climate protesters glue themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen showroom

Photo / Supplied Climate protesters who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen showroom in Germany need to use the toilet – but now complain the company has refused to provide the group with “a bowl to urinate ...

Global economy must green faster to prevent dire climate impacts

The findings are ‘an urgent wakeup call for decision-makers’. Across virtually every sector, the greening of the global economy is unfolding far too slowly to stave off climate catastrophe, according to a sobering report Wednesday from a consortium of ...

Coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health

New MIT tool pinpoints policy combinations that maximize health benefits.

Earth on track to warm above 2 degrees Celsius despite climate action

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions aren’t enough to avoid catastrophic global warming, with the planet on track to heat up between 2.1 and 2.9 degrees Celsius by the end of the century compared ...

New Paris-based VC Satgana completes the first close of its €30M fund to back ClimateTech startups

While ClimateTech may be all the rage right now – and for good reasons – new VC Paris-based firm Satgana (which means “a good company” in Sanskrit) is hoping its take on the subject will gain traction. It’s now completed ...

EMIT Mission by NASA Maps Over 50 Methane 'Super-Emitters' Across the Earth

Detecting ‘Super-Emitters’ Across the Globe EMIT’s Impressive Effectiveness An Essential Step to Addressing Climate Change More than 50 methane-emitting hotspots across the globe have been detected by NASA scientists using a technique developed to research how dust impacts climate. ...

Scientists warn in report that climate change has pushed Earth to 'code red'

Time series of climate-related human activities. Data obtained since the publication of Ripple and colleagues (2021) are shown in red (dark gray in print). In panel (f), tree cover loss does not account for forest gain and includes loss ...

Crime, COVID and climate change—South African tourism faces many threats, but it's resilient

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain South Africa’s tourism industry has been rocked by the murder of a German visitor during an attempted robbery. The development resulted in negative media publicity, with a potentially adverse impact on the country’s image as ...

Do shared e-scooters and e-bikes reduce the emissions of urban transportation systems?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The use of shared micromobility services has increased in recent years, particularly in urban areas. But can shared e-scooters and e-bikes contribute to the sustainability of cities and their transportation systems? To answer these and ...

Climate crisis: Transition of global economy way off track

The findings are ‘an urgent wakeup call for decision-makers’. Across virtually every sector, the greening of the global economy is unfolding far too slowly to stave off climate catastrophe, according to a sobering report Wednesday from a consortium of ...

Give the Gift of Power, Wherever Your Loved Ones Need It

The Cobra Power Station 200W is perfect for road trippers and outdoor enthusiasts, and it can also offer peace of mind during a power outage.

Climate Questions: Who are the big emitters?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Who made the global warming mess the world is now in? More than half of the world’s heat-trapping gases comes from three places: The United States, China and Europe. And it piles up quickly at ...

Climate summit host Egypt renews invite to King Charles

Egypt on Tuesday renewed its invitation to King Charles III for next month’s COP27 climate summit after the British monarch’s plans to attend were reportedly quashed by ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss. “From our point of view in relation to ...

Climate pledges still 'nowhere near' enough for 1.5C: UN

In the past year alone the world has been battered by increasingly intense heatwaves and crop-withering droughts. International climate pledges remain far off track to limit temperature rises to 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to a UN report released Wednesday, ...

Here’s what happened to the Delaware-sized iceberg that broke off Antarctica

It was the rift watched ‘round the world. In July 2017, after weeks of anticipation, a massive iceberg about the size of Delaware split from the Antarctic Peninsula (SN: 7/12/17). Satellite images show that the orphaned iceberg, known as ...

World 'nowhere near' hitting climate targets, U.N. warns

The world is “nowhere near” hitting its targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, putting it on track to soar past the limit for global warming countries committed to in the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, the United Nations has warned. That ...

BlackRock raises £4bn climate fund amid environmental backlash

BlackRock has raised $4.5bn (£3.97bn) to create an investment fund focusing on climate infrastructure firms, following critiques against the asset manager’s fossil fuel investments. The new Global Infrastructure Fund IV will look to invest in companies across the low-carbon ...

New Study Reveals a More Complex Climate History Than Previously Thought

The results also challenge the belief of the Holocene Thermal Maximum occurring at the same time worldwide. A recent study reveals the complexities of temperature trends over the last 12,000 years. Because climate measurements seldom go back more than 150 ...

Submerged plants reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shallow lakes and ditches

More oxygen Win-win situation Shallow lakes and ditches emit less greenhouse gases if rooted submerged plants are predominant instead of free-floating plants or algae. There are several reasons why Dutch water managers should encourage more submerged plants in Dutch ...

Researchers Found Large Insect Swarms, Can Generate Enough Electrical Charge in the Air

How is This Possible?  The Study Why is This Important? Similar to the Electrical Charge Produced By Thunderstorms A new study shows that a large swarm of insects can generate enough electrical charge in the air, according to Interesting ...

Labor’s ‘sensible’ budget leaves Australians short-changed on climate action. Here’s where it went wrong

Where’s the tangible action? What’s in the budget for climate? Is it enough? No Let’s get started Treasurer Jim Chalmers last night delivered a budget he declared was “solid, sensible and suitable to the times”. But what does a ...

The most horrifying part of Halloween is the useless piles of waste it creates. Why not do it differently?

A horrible history A spine-chilling tale of waste Have a sustainable Halloween Thousands of young people roaming the streets at night in scary costumes, knocking on strangers’ doors and threatening pranks if their demands for treats are not met. ...

Australia is poised to be a world leader in offshore wind, but any potential risks to marine life remain poorly regulated

Why is offshore wind important? Australia’s lack of regulation How offshore wind farms can impact marine life Countries doing it better than us One piece of the puzzle The strong winds blowing over Australia’s rugged coastlines will soon power ...

Doctors decry 'record profits' for fossil fuel companies as climate change weighs on global health

Doctors are taking aim at the fossil fuels industry, placing blame for the world’s most dire health problems on the companies that continue to seek oil and gas profits even as climate change worsens heat waves, intensifies flooding and ...

Chris Sacca on climate investing head into 2023: “We’re trying to keep up” with tailwinds

Today, for a series of climate-related conversations organized by the global venture firm SOSV, we interviewed famed investor Chris Sacca, whose investment firm Lowercarbon Capital is managing $2 billion in capital across one fund that’s focused on nuclear fusion, ...

Climate change is closing daily temperature gap: Clouds could be the cause

Association between the in situ observation (OBS) and the modeled Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) data. (a) Comparison of probability density distributions (PDFs) between the two for the daily maximum/minimum temperature (/) and the diurnal temperature range (DTR), that ...

Ruapehu’s slippery slopes: the uncertain future of snow sports in a climate emergency

No business like snow business Greening the snow? From pleasure to politics With New Zealand’s two major North Island ski fields in financial trouble, the combined impact of COVID-19 on national and international tourism and this year’s very poor ...

Scientists warn of 'insect apocalypse' amid climate change

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An emerging “insect apocalypse” will have radical effects on the environment and humankind, an Australian scientist has warned. An international study on the future of insects under climate change scenarios has found the loss of ...

As Ukraine plans its recovery, a climate group has a seat at the table

When world leaders and international experts met Tuesday to discuss how to rebuild Ukraine, they were joined by a small group hoping to make a big impact on the country’s energy future. Alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and German Chancellor ...

Satellite telemetry data shows narwhals altering seasonal migration patterns in response to climate change

Narwhales. Credit: Glenn Williams, public domain A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Canada and Denmark has found evidence that narwhals have been altering their seasonal migration patterns in response to global warming. In their paper published ...

Climate activists smear UK king's wax figure with cake

Climate activists on Monday smeared chocolate cake over a waxwork model of Britain’s King Charles III at London’s Madame Tussauds museum. The Just Stop Oil demonstrators said in a statement they were demanding that the government halt “all new ...

Research project RESILIENCE receives a EUR 10 million ERC Synergy Grant

Ecosystems more resilient than previously thought Two ERC Synergy grants for Utrecht researchers Photo courtesy of Stephan Getzin Max Rietkerk (Utrecht University), Arjen Doelman (Leiden University), Ehud Meron (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Isla Myers-Smith (University of Edinburgh) ...


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